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The International Festival of Ethno-Culture "Young Arctic» 2021

The festival program included a performance, a choreographic suite that combined folk mythological motifs and their modern reading through dance, music, and physical theatre, film screenings of the documentaries “Lekushonia. Stealing Beauty” by WWF Russia, “Kenozerye State” by the Kenozerye National Park, and the short film “Swans in Stone - Nomadic People” by the Norwegian theatre Stellaris DansTeater. Also on the Lendok site there was a concert of a chamber orchestra conducted by Dmitry Yakubovsky. The Konyushenny Fligel of the Yusupov Palace hosted the exhibition of artworks "Warmed by the Cold: The Arctic through the Eyes of St. Petersburg Artists". The performance "Winter" based on the play by Evgeny Grishkovets was staged in the "Theatre on Vasilevsky".

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