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Educational conference
for state and municipal employees of the Voronezh region, employed in the field of architecture and urban planning

As part of an intensive two-day educational program, Alexander Antonov (city planner, member of the ISOCARP planners association), Zoya Ryurikova (the chairman of the board of the Nizhny Novgorod Union of Architects of Russia, the head of the DA architectural bureau, and the director of the Institute of Urban Studies), Daniyar Yusupov (urban architect from St. Petersburg), Viktor Korotych (urban architect from MLA+) and Viktoria Pashkova (social and cultural programming specialist), together with their Voronezh colleagues, discussed various topics in the field of architecture, urban planning, and urban design. As a result of the conference, a meeting of the council of chief architects of municipalities of the Voronezh region was held, summing up and presenting certificates of advanced training to all participants of the educational program.

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