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Cultural program of St. Petersburg in Kursk

From November 30 to December 1, cultural events of St. Petersburg institutions took place in the city of Kursk.


The play "Zayushkina izbushka" by the St. Petersburg theater "William the Cat"



On November 30 on the stage of the Puppet Theater there was a screening of the play "Zayushkina izbushka" by the St. Petersburg theater "William the Cat". It appeared in 2016 and actively participates in international festivals and theater competitions.


The performance-master class "Everything will stick together" of the St. Petersburg theater "William the Cat"



On December 1 at the Puppet Theater the young audience saw the performance-master class "Everything will stick together". It grew out of master classes on puppet theater from recycled materials. After the performance, each spectator was able to create a hero with their own hands and take it home with them.


Ballet "Bar.Oko" and "Heartlessness" by the St. Petersburg dance company Cannon Dance Company



Also on December 1, artists of the St. Petersburg dance company Kannon Dance performed at the Sviridovsky Concert Hall. The audience was presented two one-act ballets "Bar.Oko" and "Heartlessness". Kannon Dance Contemporary Dance Theater was founded by Natalia and Vadim Kasparov in 1997, and over the years it has trained several generations of choreographers and artists.


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