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2023. 07

Festival of Latin American Countries, Saint-Petersburg

Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg

Master classes:

• in Argentine tango (under the guidance of finalists of the World Championship in Argentine tango Arnaldo Silva and Milena Odzeri);

• Cuban rumba (under the guidance of the organizer of the Latin American dance school BEMBÉ Baval Iya);

• on floristry «A floral compliment from a Latin American»;
• «Traditional ornaments and patterns of Latin American countries»;

• «Making maracas»;

• according to the national martial art of Brazil capoeira.

Thematic lectures:

• Interactive presentation «How Latino are you?» (Adelante Spanish Language and Culture Center. Lecturer: Pedro Carrillo);

• «Discover Argentina for yourself!» (Adelante Spanish Language and Culture Center. Lecturer: Marina Merlo);

• «Mexican muralism. Rivera. Orozco. Siqueiros» (State Hermitage Museum. Lecturer: Olga Maho);

• «Indians of Latin America» (Russian Geographical Society. Lecturer: Pavel Bersnev);

• «The Art of South America» (lecture hall «Artista». Lecturer: Oksana Ilzina);

• Thematic open lesson for beginners in Spanish «Who is who in Spanish?» (Adelante Spanish Language and Culture Center. Lecturer: Fernando Carrera).


Concert program:

• Project «Amor, amor, amor...» (Argentina) (classic world hits of Latin American music);

• Carnival Night Project (Brazil) (Brazilian jazz and Latin jazz);

• Sextet Y. Gonzalez «PHILORITMICA» with the program «The Art of Rhythm» (Cuba) (Cuban rhythms and folk melodies);

• Brazilian Drum School «Bate na Palma da Mão»;

• Music of South America performed by the Ecuadorian musician Pakari

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